Nurse Case Managers and Workers Compensation

28 Oct

There are so many accidents that can occur to us while in our working environments. This is why all workers are advised to have a compensation plan. This is merely getting insured against the risk that may take place at your place of work. The compensation plan helps one to be compensated in case of treatment bills, loss of job, and loss of salaries for a period. Therefore the program ensures that all workers can move on with their lives even after the occurrence of the risk. The employer also does not have the burden of taking care of the injured worker. So all employers should ensure that their employees are on the compensation plan. When a risk occurs, the worker may have been seriously injured to the point of seeking medical help. The treatment process may take a while depending on the nature of the injury. At this point, the nurse case manager can be of great help. The nurse case manager plays a preeminent role in ensuring the well-being of the injured worker. The managers are usually qualified nurses who have been verified. The nurse provides that the client gets the best treatment possible. Sometimes the employer may fail to cooperate will the schedule of the sick worker concerning hospital appointments. The nurse manager comes in and ensures that the employee gets his/her rights of getting the required treatment, see page here!

The nurse manager guards the sick worker against violation of his rights when he is under treatment. Doctors too may tend to fail their role when undergoing treatment of their patients. To avoid such cases, the nurse manager is allowed to accompany the patient to the appointments. The nurse manager will be able to explain some of the things that the client may not be familiar. The nurse is also responsible for taking a report to the insurance company that is responsible for the worker's compensation plan. The doctor even gets an advantage while working with a nurse manager as it will be easy for him to understand the treatment process in a better way than the patient. Also, the insuring company has to make payments to the hospital taking care of the worker, if not so the client manager helps the worker to go over the issue. You may also read more at

However, the nurse manager should not at any case be against the client who in this case is a sick employee. Get resource here!

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